We Choose the Moon

I had always liked to be present when the events that I think would be shaping up our history our taking place, or for the events that I know would be the one that we would recall after 10 years and awe about the significance of it. Maybe  that’s why I have always tried to be present for which ever great event that took place so far in my 23 years of life.

I was glued to my TV when the 1999 coup by Musharraf was taking place, when 9/11 happened.. i watched as the second tower came down, or when Afghanistan was bombed, and then when Iraq was bombed,when  Benazir came back to Karachi.. in a fact I  was actually present on site when the blast happened. I remember seeing the emergency of 2nd November taking place, the lawyers movement, both before and after the emergency, the 18th February Elections, the reinstating of Chief Justice.. i was up till 6 to hear the two liner given by our Prime Minister…, when Obama and Clinton started their campaign and then Obama came out as the democratic candidate for the elections, or when Obama took the oath,  when the Iranian Elections started, .. all in all I tried to be there for most of the important significant historical events that i could witness in my life.

But with that there have been some regrets.. i missed out on a lot of things that my parents generation got to witness.. my biggest regret being not being born in the hippies era..I would have fit right in with them, or watch JFK in action, being able to witness the political drama of that era.

But one of those great experiences that I missed out on is being offered to us as we speak.. http://www.wechoosethemoon.org/…this site is giving everyone the chance to see  the Apollo 11 launch again into space for its maiden flight to the moon….TO THE MOON! OHHHHH…to witness the giant leap for mankind.. although as a Pakistani, i really do wonder what good it did to us!

This is sure an interesting site and so much fun and exciting.. I cant imagine what those people would have felt at that moment in time when it was happening for real… I AM SO EXCITING.. THANK YOU TECHNOLOGY… I LOVE YOU LOADS..MWAH MWAH UUUMMMUUUUAAAAAAAAHHHH…

Only 1 hour 40 mins left……..AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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