Confused ME

I am 22 .. and i live in Pakistan.. i don’t believe in God.. and i m quite unorthodox for my society.. by which what i really mean is that.. i have never cared what people think about me thus i have never ever hidden my activities.. while my peers go on pretending to be the good Eastern girl.

It has never been about images for me.. it has never been about what people think of me… for what they think about me can never portray my real self.

My family was never the conventional Muslim family. Religion was a personal matter of every member..Education was the top most priority..

But what is one to do when they are so confused about what they want for themselves.. i know that i want a baby and a good family and a husband in whose arms i can sleep every night..but in an era where the girl has to choose between her career and her family. .. it gets to be a pretty tough choice.. for you would have to live with one of these labels for ever… Or am i making too much a deal of it then it really is?


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