Workshop for Sex Workers held in Karachi

This news came forward due to the program conducted by the self proclaimed intellectual  Dr. Shahid Masood on Geo news. It aired on Sunday and although it got my attention, surprisingly, in the start, but soon enough I finally recalled that why is it that I have never been able to digest his program.. the reason simply being that he sees things in the most illusionist way possible….that’s why I changed the channel soon enough!

His program started by telling his audience about the luxurious lives of our great Muslim rulers of the past who are considered as heroes in our history books and in our classrooms, drawing rooms and the speeches of the politicians-to-be, and how it was due to this lifestyle hat Nadir Shah was able to take up the government and he, also a Muslim, killed his fellow Muslims in the coup.

Now although this sketch of history still lacked a lot, he was able to say it out that the Muslims had been at fault and it was the Muslims themselves who killed their fellow Muslim brothers and not always the infidel.. that is a step forward for I think there are not many people in our “Free Media” that are ready to share these stories of truth since they are too busy making our rulers look good despite what history says.

His argument basically led to the following point: that when you have corruption and UN-Islamic trends then the downfall is inevitable. He then jumped to the present times and vented out his obvious frustrations on this luxurious lifestyles of Muslims by assaulting the following news item..

“Workshop conducted for Sex-

Workers in Karachi”

This news appeared on the website of BBC Urdu and was not covered by any of the channels as far as I know. I think he was absolutely dismayed by the fact that in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan these things and the acceptance of Sex Workers is now being done so openly.

You see it has always been my believe that people like Mr. Shahid Masood would prefer keeping things under the rug then to have then come out and hurt the so-called ideologies of an Islamic Republic. It is people like these who would rather have a version of the truth than the actual truth, for the actual truth, again, might hurt some version of respect, or how the state should be.

Why are we people still insisting on living in the dark? Is it true that none of us ever realized that there are Sex Workers ?(or prostitutes for those who don’t know that they are referred to as sex Workers ). Do we really think that we truly live in the shadow of Islam in this country? Even Saudi Arab has prostitution, Israel has it, all states have it, even those that are based on religious ideologies so why is it shocking that we have this crisis among us?

Is it an indication that everything is not perfect? Of course it is! Does this mean that hell is about to break lose? NO! It simply means that the education level and the employment rate in this country is not what it should be to provide a better life for everyone.. SIMPLE ECONOMICS! Not Armageddon!

Sadat Hasan Minto, the great Urdu writer of the last generation, was also on a crusade to show this blindfolded society what they didn’t want to see, hear or think about.This included telling them about prostitution and in what forms it exists around us and how is it that they live.. he showed to us that they are people and so are we.. and he sure did face a lot of criticism for the actual truth!

It seems that we people are so comfortable living in this little world that we have created in which we can boost about this version of truth that we see when in reality we are all so blindfolded….!

The Workshop according to the website aimed to tell these Sex Workers about safe sex, about condoms and aids, many of whom didn’t know how sexual diseases are transmitted or what a condom or Aids is. It talked about the issues that they face, and how to transfer the knowledge about safe sex to other workers who could not come to the Workshop, probably out of fear of a police raid.

If a Workshop for Sex Workers is being conducted in Karachi, then I have to admit that I am a little proud of being a Pakistani today, because for me this means that we have come to terms in a small way with the reality that we live in.. we have come to accept the fact that they are also humans and all that they want is to feed their familes.. this is not a life that anyone would choose for themselves.. it is a life that is bestowed upon millions of boys and girls in this country and many other who didnt get the same opportunites as us.. and the least that we can do for them is to accept that they atcually do exist and are among us and are a part of our society.. they too are the children of God!

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