Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Cover of the book Into the Wild

Cover of the book "Into the Wild"

This book is no doubt a pleasure to read, and the way it has been written is in itself marvelous and credit

The Great Adventurer...Chris McCandles/Alex Supertramp

The Great Adventurer...Chris McCandlees/Alex Supertramp

should be given to the author, that how by this creative manner he has been able to explain what could have inspired him Chris to do what he did and why is it that his life should be taken as a success instead of a joke that many among us have done.

The book binds you in its spell from the very start, but not due to an element of surprise. From the start the author lets you know what would be the fate of the adventurer. But the entire suspense of the book is in the time that he spent. The great mystery and the only mystery the book has to offer is to understand the mind of the person, to understand Alex a bit more, to understand why he did what he did. And by the end of it you do know a bit more about why is it that a young man would take on a journey like this that promises more risk than safe u-turns.

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