The Pakistani Men.. Part 2

This is the second part of my own analysis on the psycology of the Pakistani Men. So here is my analysis number 4:


Most of the men in our society, and when I say most i mean 90% of the men, would want a gf that is fun, adventurous, wild, and ready for a bit of ahum ahum… but a wife is a different story.

The gf should be some one with whom they can go out to parties, to concerts, hang out, who is open minded and not an orthodox, who doesn’t follow connections. For their entire adulthood hey wouldn’t mind flirting and talking to girls that are of the above description, but for a wife they would always go for a simple, Jane next door sort of a girl.

The reason for this can be simple! For a wife they want a girl that would sit at home and do the house work, who is decent enough to be introduced to family, to give good values to the kids, because God forbid the “gf material” sort of a girl would never have any of those traits, right !!!!!

This twisting psycolgical aspect of the Pakistani men is yet to be understood! We need our own little Freud to do that for us.

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