Michael Jackson… The world remembers you!

On the morning of June 25th 2009, the greatest legend was taken away from all of us. His name, Michael Jackson, someone who will be remembered for ages and people would tell their kids and grand kids about him in awe and amazement, knowing that it was a privilege living in the same time as the legend himself.

This morning on July 8th 2009 was no doubt an emotional morning for million of fans around the world as they said their final good bye to the legend that is Micheal Jackson. The memorial held at Staples Center Los Angles, where Michael Jackson rehearsed for the last time,  was no doubt sentimental and a great tribute to the legend. You couldn’t have had a tribute to Micheal Jackson without the music or laughter or reminiscing about the good times because in some way this is the only you can define the life journey of the legend himself… it was tragedy and beauty, pain and happiness, sorrow and laughter… this was how the life of the legend can be described and this is how his final tribute was.

MJ's Family at the end of the memorial service

MJ's Family at the end of the memorial service

It is astonishing to know that people wouldn’t let go of their cynicism even after some one’s death. The name calling and the ridicule was continued by many even after his death. Many continued by the name calling that followed him through out his life ..many newspapers displayed headlines saying “Jacko dead” which was not taken in a nice manner by many and many felt that it was insulting to call names to some one who is no more … some even went on to say that the entire family was putting on a show……

But the fact of the matter remains that the entire world couldn’t have been putting on a show last night.. people could be seen in churches holding hands, saying prayers together, singing to the songs of the great legends, crying, and realizing that this is the end of an era…. It was the end of the Micheal Jackson Era.

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php5K8dkPEven in his memorial he ended up doing a great deed by introducing us to a young boy “Shaheen” who stunned the world by his performance and his voice. But still there were people who raised eyebrows about the relationship of this boy to Michael Jackson. I guess they wont leave him alone even now in his death.. there are always going to be people that would find something to say against him, but I always say to these people first see about what he has given us, what he gave to the world and then judge him against the cruel words that you have to say for him.  You will be missed thouroughly!


The performance of "Shaheen" who was to be introduced in his come back tour