Pride and Prejudice

There was that “Pride and Prejudice” written by Jane Austen.. and there is that which is a part of our lives and of which we are a victim of ever so often in our lives.

For me these words are the part of a package, dependent on each other for their existance, and unable to survive without the other one..

It is our pride that forces us to do prejudice against the other. It is our pride that makes us believe that we are better than the others, and thus we tend to be unjust towards them in our perspective about them, in the way we think of them, and in the way we make our decisions about them. The effects of these prejudices may hardly be felt by the souls of the proud race.. but for the other they can be devestating.

Today in this millennium, we are all busy celebrating “Diversity”. It has become the new hip word for the man and leaders of our time, and great importance is being given to it.. but is there ever a chance for things to really change?