Obama and the 12th Imam

Barrack Hussein Obama should be unanimously accepted as the official 12th imam that was to come upon mankind to save us from the demons of the material world. And I think that his speech in Cairo would help to affirm that claim.

Bear with me as I reveal my thesis on this topic…

In the wake of the 9\11 massacre all of us, Muslims and non-Muslims started as one after the other the towers collapsed, and we sat deciding on how to react to it.. should we rejoice on the fate of the infidels who for so long have interfered in our socio-economic decisions, have overthrown our government, has given us the gifts like the Mujaheddin ( Now with a brand new name, The Taliban) – or should we be sad about innocent lives lost on that tragic morning.

I think that it was important for us to decide – but the decision wasn’t that Grey as we made it out to be – it was simply black and white. Are you with the good guys or the bad guys?

Oh.. by good guys I in no way am referring to USA .. but simply mankind.

But this is what is really astonishing… as all of us chose are sides, and the majority being on the side of the Good guys.. We voiced our concerns and displayed our newly selected side everywhere – from media to blogs, from drawing room chats to rallies.. Lots of Muslim religious Leaders also blabbed about how this doesn’t represent Islam and these people are not Muslims.. But here is the twist..

When Allama Iqbal wrote Shikwa an epic poem in which he complained to God about the affairs of the world, our same religious leaders in that time, hired a chartered plane.. went all the way to Kab’ah and got a Fatwa against him..

But no one has since the 9\11 bothered to do the same for these terrorist who claims lives every single day. If we have made up our choice that they are the “BAD GUYS” then why not get it done with and officially declare them the “BAD GUY” ..

So what link does that has to Obama being the Imam… See he is the one person who has finally voiced it that this religious war can only be won by taking religion as an arm against these terrorist. And as he is the only one to follow on the epiphany we should all hail before him..

For such a long time, these Taliban’s have taken shelter under religious quotes and justifications to make their acts “OKAY” and none of our God-fearing religious leaders have had the guts to say that they are wrong.

But here rises a leader from the west.. hailing from the land of Islam itself.. who is the son of a common man .. and he voices what is necessary and he defeats the evil with he word of GOD himself and using no other rational, than the arms that the enemy has used for so long.

We in the Muslim world had the opportunity to do that, yet we once more were kicked by “THE OLD WHITE LORD”.. or the “BLACK LORD” now actually…

So then why not accept this son of Hussein as to be our savior and to protect us from the enemy of Islam ( I am sure that the the majority of us have accepted that we are on the side of the Good Guys . It is he who has taken upon himself to solve our issues of Palestine and Israel and Iran… SO lets all hail the son of Hussein!

5 thoughts on “Obama and the 12th Imam

  1. As Salaamu Alaikum,

    You are right. We need to get our thoughts clear on the subject. I keep reading on non-Muslim blogs comments on why Muslims are silent if they truly are against killing innocent people.

    I have denounced today's terrorists and even made a blog about it here:

  2. i’m visiting here from http://www.stuckism.com/Butt/Index.html; read a few of your articles (agree with ‘go ahead and label me’ as well as the dawood public school fiasco). but i guess the buck stops here. listen, obama’s just a man. his meteoric rise in the political world is due to incredibly hard work, a great support system, cleverly crafted allies and smart strategy. love him as a speaker, hate him as a diplomat (all quiet still on the middle east ‘peace’ dilemma), and refuse your lofty title of ’12th imam’ on the guy.
    i mean, come on- ‘to save us from the demons of the material world?’ i don’t think so.
    his speech in cairo- brilliantly eloquent but left a lot to be desired in terms of concrete
    he might be a demigod in the u.s. (and maybe that place in japan) because the country needs a savvy PR rep, but that’s that. he’s slow to respond to issues that matter, especially for ‘muslims’ (and another thing- there’s no such thing as muslims on a political landscape.. i have absolutely nothing in common with female genital mutilators in egypt or khartoum as i’m sure serbian muslims would eagerly distance themselves from the misogynistic hairy males of pakistan)

    • See I agree with you that he is just a human, and he is bound to make mistakes because of this logic. But see let me explain to you when I wrote this post, it was the time when it actually felt that it was a turning point in the history of the American Politics. Starting from the choice of between a woman and a black man, this election and then a black man wining the election throughly was a big thing.
      So please understand that at the time I wrote this, I was blinded by the fact that a change is coming, but change is slow. But lets be honest there is always a bigger system running Democracy, which I am starting to agree is an illusion at times. But I like to believe in the illusion.
      His steps are good as far as the health care is concerned so lets see.

  3. I was reading with fascination until this appeared: ‘It is he who has taken upon himself to solve our issues of Palestine and Israel and Iran…’

    Now, lets say Iran IS building nuclear weapons. The US has no right to pontificate on this matter since it has not itself signed the Nuclear Disarmament Treaty, holds the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, and incidentally is the only country to use a nuclear weapon in populated area. Obama, if he is the savior you think he is, can solve the Isreal/Palestine in a flash: By simply voting in the security council resolution that has been passed since 1967 and has been vetoed consistently by Israel and USA. Iran with the rest of the world votes for a peaceful settlement along the 1967 border. He could close Guantanamo Bay. Sadly, this man is just a novel character in the puppet show that is the democracy of the USA. I’m acutely aware that we as Pakistanis aren’t any better, we are far worse.
    15 of the 9/11 hijackers were claimed to be Saudi Arabians. And yet the US never severs its solid relationship with Saudi Arabia. And our spiritual forefathers, the Arabs, well they are bought quite easily. So I guess everyone is looking after their own interests, and no one gives a rats hindside about people who suffers atrocities at the hands of power figures. By the way, if we are looking at 9/11 rationally, it was a horrible crime against humanity, no doubt about that. But imagine if we are looking at this era a century from now, when terrorism is hopefully history, I really don’t see the US nuclear bomb was dropped on a shopping center in Hiroshima, where they have built a memorial now. You might say but they were provoked and Pearl Harbor and so forth. But looking at the pure morality of the act itself, because international laws apply even if you go into war after being provoked, the bombing of Hiroshima seems a far worse act. Or the US support of Saddam Hussain and Turkish government when they were committing genocide of the Kurds in Iraq and Turkey. Or what US did in Vietnam. As Noam Chomsky said, ‘If the US wants to end terrorism, it should first stop participating in it’.

    • I feel like I am justifying this post every now and then.. See I wrote that under the illusion that a historic change is coming.. For the first time, a woman or an African American had a chance, and more than that, after Bush, it really did seem like a silver lining. I agree with what you and Chomsky are saying, America is responsible for a lot.
      And yes he is just a puppet, just a face. But for some reason I am dazzled by him. He represents a lot for me. He represents Change and hope for me. But of course that doesn’t mean that I have closed my eyes to what has been done by the USA.

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